Zakynthos, the third largest of the Ionian Islands, covers an area of 410 square kilometres and its coastline is roughly 123 kilometres in length.
The terrain is varied; there are fertile plains in the southeast
ern part, which merge gently into peaceful bays and golden beaches while the western side of the island is mountainous with steep cliffs along its coasts.
The mild, M
editerranean climate and the plentiful winter rainfall presents the island with dense vegetation. Olive oil, currants, grapes, citrus fruit are principal products.The capital, which has the same name as the prefecture, is the town of Zakynthos -apart from its official name it is also called Chora-.
According t
o a 1991 census, the island has a population of 35.000 inhabitants


A renowned beach at the eastern part of the island, situated near the village of Anafonitria. Crystal clear waters breaks on a white sandy beach, where the rusting hulk lies half-buried. Imposing cliffs, eroded by wind and sea, descend behind it completing a spectacular picture. The wreck happened in 1983 and the cargo was contraband cigarettes. The beach is only accessible by boat. There are daily boats leaving from the port in town or from Porto Bromi.

Ag.Nikolaos.( Volimes)

Ag. Nikolaos is a small bay in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Volimes region, 30 km north of Zakynthos town. Offshore is lying the barren islet of Ag. Nikolaos. The deep waters of the bay are excellent for swimming and its small port is always busy with sailing and fishing boats. From here the visitor can take a boat trip to the nearby

Blue Caves.

These maritime caves are situated at Aspros Vrahos of Krimnos, on the Skinari cape, which is the most northern part of the island, 35 km from the town of Zakynthos.
The biggest of the caves is the famous Blue Grotto which entrance was discovered in 1897.
In the deeper caverns, the visitor has the feeling that everything under the waters -the rocks, the keel of the boat, the body of a swimmer- reflects a bright blue hue.

You can visit the Blue Caves by boat from the nearby port of St Nikolaos.


Vacations spots on the island. It is situated on the south coast, just 11 km from the town of Zakynthos. The sandy, 9 kilometers-long beach -the longest in Greece- in combination with the intense nightlife, attracts large numbers of tourists every summer. Laganas bay embraces three small islands, namely “Pelouzo”, “Marathonisi” and “St. Sostis”. It offers a great selection of shops, taverns, bars and restaurants. A wide range of water sports facilities is also

Caretta-caretta’s nesting area

by Iris Plioni


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