ItALy FrOm A To Z


Michelangelo, Botticelli, Giotto are just a few names of our many Italian artists. Our country is known throughout the world for the wonderful works that can be seen in many cities!

BootsThe shape of our peninsula refers to a boot!

Champions of world Well, there is little to say … enough to remember the night of July 9, when the sky above Berlin was painted of Italian blue!

Dante Alighieri Is a famous author from Florence, his work is world famous! The DIVINE COMEDY is studied in schools! Do you?


European Union We are part of the European Union! Just like you!

Ferrari In addition to knowing how to run behind a ball we also run with these wonderful racing cars!

Ischia Is a beautiful city on the sea … where you can see beautiful sunsets

Lemons A unique product! A fruit of our land and our sun

MilanCapital of fashion and represents a major economic centre!

Naples The city of sun, sea and sympathy ..

Olive oilA good product!

Pizza Pasta The images speak for themselves, these two products are the base of good Mediterranean nutrition

Quirinale The headquarters in Rome, of our President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano

Rome The magical capital with all its history fascinates million of tourists

Sun And See These two elements together are Greece and Italy

TricolourOur flag

Leaning Tower The famous tower of Pisa! As we see unlike normal towers this one is lop-sided!

Venice A very romantic city

Wine One of our best products


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  1. yeah uhm…you left out the x y and z part..get to fixing it!

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