In Italy the most popular sport is football, but there are other sports as skating and ballet that are well known. In our class there are 2 boys and 1 girl who play football: Marilena (Mary) plays football in the Valdarno Team that is in C division, Niccolò plays football in the Forcoli Team and Alessio plays football in the Staffoli Team. Besides there are Gloria, who practices skating in “Polisportiva Bientinese” and who is also a teacher of roller-skating, and Roberta (Roby), that practices ballet in “Istituto d’Arte & Spettacolo”.




Women’s football isn’t as popular as men’s football, but it’s a sport which is growing year after year. The best known football teams are: Inter, Milan, Juventus, Fiorentina,… On 9 July 2006 the Italian Team won the World Cup vs the French Team: we are still really excited and we are waiting for the European Cup in June! The biggest stadiums are: Olimpico in Rome and San Siro in Milan.

Marilena in action!mary2.jpg



In the last years dancing has become very popular in Italy, but we must distinguish television dancing from theatre dancing. The most important theatres in Italy, where there are the best ballet-dancers, are “La Scala” of Milan and “L’Opera” of Rome. The most important names of Italian ballet-dancers are: Carla Fracci, Alessandra Ferri, Raffaele Paganini,… and Roberto Bolle, who is the world’s best dancer at the moment. But ballet is only a part of dancing, because there are many types of dancing, for example today in Italy musicals are also very popular, especially the classics of Broadway (Chorus-Line, Chicago, Cabaret,…), but also the new Italian productions are really successful, in particular because there are lots of talented young boys and girls, while many people that dance on television haven’t got any talent, they are just good-looking.


Do you know roller – skating?

This sport is very beautiful but unfortunately it’s not known enough!

In the world ice – skating, not roller – skating, is very popular!

The most important names of Italian skaters are: Luca Dalisera, Tanya Romano, Andrea Barbieri.. and other young people who are very good at this sport!

Italian skaters are the most competent in the world!!

Generally people don’t think that roller – skating is a difficult sport but the appearances are deceiving! In fact it’s very difficult because the people who practice roller – skating must have many qualities and skills like elegance, technique and a lot of physical training!




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