santorini3.jpgThe fame of the Santorini Caldera View is based on the 85 meter (300 feet) high cliff that many of the island’s villages are built to perch on top of, offering a sea view as far as the eye can see. The cliff is the wall of the submerged volcano crater caused by the cataclysmic eruption of this volcano around 3000 BC. In addition to creating the best views of the Aegean Sea for present day visitors to enjoy, this eruption also caused the demise of the Minoan civilization.

Steeped in history, Santorini has plenty of archaeological sites to visit – including the ruins of Ancient Thira, Akrotiri and the Venetian fortress at Pirgos.
The Santorini group of islands is unique as it is probably the only volcano in the world with its caldera in the sea. All of Santorini’s islands were formed largely due to the volcanic activity and constitute a compound volcano. Twelve huge explosions occurred, one every 20.000 years approximately, during the last period of volcanism. Each violent explosion caused the collapse of the volcano’s central part and the creation of a large crater (caldera). The volcano however managed to recreate itself over and over again.santorini2.jpg

Highlights of Santorini.

  • Sailing excursions to the Volcano island which is a semi active crater with smoke that comes from the ground
  • Sunset sailing excursions around the island to see the caldera face from the vantage point of the sea
  • SCUBA and beach sports in Perissa
  • Romantic meals in the charming village of Oia watching the sunset
  • The Nautical Museum in Oia, with rare marine items, models of old and new ships and library
  • A visit to the Minoan village of Akrotiri which was destroyed but preserved similarly to Pompeii when the Santorini volcano erupted
  • The New Museum of Fira, which opened in March 2000, is the second largest pre-historical museum in Greece. It exhibits frescoes from Akrotiri and the first golden find in Cyclades
  • The Old Historical Museum in Fira, with finds from Santorini and the Greek Hellenic Period
  • Boutaris Winemakers, in Megalohori. Excellent decoration, wine tasting and multimedia history of the island
  • Megaron Gyzi in Fira, with old clothes, maps and cards from Santorini before the earthquake in 1956.

by Papandreopoulou Katerina


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